Jirous JXAF-11 Antenna Adapter for Ubiquiti AirFiber 11X AF-11FX 11ghz Licensed Backhaul Radio

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Jirous JXAF-11 Antenna Adapter for Ubiquiti Airfiber AF-11FX 11ghz Licensed Backhaul Radio

  • Designed to mount to complete line of Jirous 11ghz antennas
  • Developed under license for use with Ubiquiti Networks AF11X products
  • Works with and without Ubiquiti Quickmount
  • High quality silicone cap for easy and perfect sealing
  • Suitable for SISO and MIMO configurations
  • High port-to-port isolation between connectors for high-speed MIMO performance

Technical Details:

  • Frequency Range: 10.3 - 11.7 GHz
  • Waveguide: 19 mm ø 
  • Connector Type: N Female
  • Isolation between connectors: ≥ 32 dB

Compatible with all Jirous 11ghz Antennas:

From the management team:

There's a great post out on the UBNT forums relating to this adapter and performance in the real world: - https://community.ubnt.com/t5/airFiber-Stories/AF-11FX-GUI-Big-Dish-1-36Gbps-at-8-miles/cns-p/1765581



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