Jirous GentleBOX JE-200 - Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure

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Outdoor Access Point / CPE Enclosure 

  • Complete outdoor enclosure for AP / CPE use.
  • Simplified mounting for RB411 
  • Mount other OEM boards (e.g. Valemount WAR1a) using innovative groove / stand-off mounting system
  • High quality adjustable metal mount fits masts up to 2" - perfect for standard satellite mounts.
  • Includes screws and plastic piers for easy, secure mounting of components.
  • Made of high quality Samsung UV Stabilized ABS Plastic.
  • Includes 2 cable glands - 1 PG11 and 1 MX20.

Technical Details:

  • External Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2 9/16"  (203 x 203 x 65 mm)
  • Internal Dimensions: 7 5/16" x 7 5/16" x 2 1/2" (186 x 186 x 53 mm)
  • Supports Mast Size: 3/4" - 2" (19-54 mm)


Here's a quick tip to get the most out of the GentleBox enclosure system. The large cable gland (part MX20) that ships with this and other enclosures can be prepped to allow a RJ45 tip to go through it. 


Need more cable glands? Click Here!

Extra Information

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Grand Avenue Broadband on 23rd Apr 2012


    Economical AND versatile


    I like the way the bracket can be arranged multiple ways to orient the box flat on or edgeways to the mast.

    I like the ease of drilling out additional ports with a common spade (wood) drill, which I did to add a N-bulkhead connector.

    I like the availability of mount points on the cover as well as on the rear of the box. I have a favorite POE distribution manifold that mounts just great there.

    I like the box depth, which makes it practical to mount components to the cover in the first place.

    I like the ability to hinge the cover in any direction. I chose downward-flopping because it routed my interior cables best.

    I like the locking lugs, although I spent quite a while not realizing they required quite a bit of torque to lock -- I was unable to turn them with my pocket screwdriver, and thought I had assembled something wrong. Once I grabbed a full-sized screwdriver, they felt wonderful. This box is perfect for out-of-reach locations like CPE brackets, towers, and masts, where vandals and tamperers aren't likely.

    I really like the price.


    The small gland is incapable of accepting a pre-tipped ethernet cable. The large gland is wide enough, but the rubber ring doesn't stretch enough. I may have to just split the ring (rain isn't a big issue out here). Not sure why the case doesn't just come with two large glands, and the ribbing on the case makes it impossible to swap the small one out for another large one. [Addendum: the product page has been updated to recommend splitting this ring, so that just leaves the small gland issue.]

    After mounting a component to the cover using the shortest screws provided, I noticed the cover had dimpled. There's no breach, but I'm concerned that one may eventually develop in our desert heat.

    I realize that since this is an all-plastic enclosure, I'm going to have to run explicit grounding to the board. [Addendum: I've been shown how to "roll my own" internal ground lug using a long bolt through one of the bracket holes.]

    Overall, so far I give this enclosure a thumbs up. Now we'll see how it holds up in desert sun.

  • Posted by Sam on 29th Feb 2012


    Great Enclosure

    This is the best outdoor RouterBOARD enclosure on the market. We had difficulty trying to find an enclosure that was both weather-proof and easy to access.
    We found it with this product! Easy to build, easy to mount, superb weather protection. Definitely recommended!